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There's an App for that!

(Connecting with your Android®/iPhone®)

In today’s world, it is easier to connect with our friends and loved ones than ever before. At the touch of a button, memories can be shared with our loved ones using our computers and smartphones. Now, those with hearing aids can have the same experience, enjoying every sound by using their smartphone to reconnect.

AGX Hearing Aids Made for iPhone

Controlling your Hearing Aids

Today's technology allows us to connect wirelessly to a variety of different objects including our phones, computers, and many other devices. The latest in hearing technology allows us to connect our smartphones directly with our hearing aids using Bluetooth®. Bluetooth® is a wireless communication platform that allows data to be shared between two or more electronic devices. This means that by connecting your hearing aids with you smartphone,  quality sound is delivered at the touch of your fingertips.

Providing Pure Sounds and Personalized Control

From talking on the phone to listening to music, the quality of sound delivered to your hearing aids is amplified clearly to your preference. Nearly anything you can think of from watching a video online to a simple phone conversation with loved ones is delivered directly to your ears. Never miss a word in a conversation again.

For example, the app known as TruLink™ created by Starkey, allows you to easily and discreetly, adjust the volume of your hearing aids. You are also able to choose a personalized setting that best suits your surroundings.TruLink™ is only compatible with Starkey's Halo hearing aids. 

Quality Conversation with Quality Hearing

By using the Bluetooth connectivity, you no longer have to worry about missing a word in a conversation over the phone. You can directly stream phone calls to your hearing aids at your choice of volume, allowing for a clear and comfortable conversation.

Like several other hearing aid controller apps, TruLink and Halo hearing aids have an improved high-frequency audibility. This means that with this patented technology, one can hearing high frequency sounds clearer and easier than before. 

No longer do you also have to worry about your hearing aids buzzing or whistling while you talk on the phone with friends and loved ones. At the simple touch of a button, you can talk for hours on end without missing a word.

Lost Your Hearing Aids? Think again!

Another handy feature provided by these hearing aid  can also connect your personalized settings with GPS locations, so they are automatically activated in your hearing aids the moment you walk in the door. This also means that if your hearing aids are lost or misplaced you can located them using the GPS feature. 

Options to Connect

There are hundreds of hearing aid controller apps available on the market today. It is best to ask your audiologist first if and how your hearing aids can connect with your manufacturer's smartphone app. 

Below are a few controller apps listed by manufacturer.


TruLink (for use with Halo hearing aids, iPhone: free)

T2 Remote (for use with Bluetooth streaming devices, iPhone: free)


RemoteControl (for use with Bluetooth streaming devices, Android: free)

Information gathered from TruHearing Newsroom.


ReSound Smart (for use with LiNX hearing aids, iPhone: free)

ReSound Control (for use with the Unite Phone Clip+, iPhone: free, Android: free)